Looking Experienced People to Create the most Life Like Game;

Project: Yggdrasil
Game Name:The World Seed

The World Seed is a MMORPG that where Players are meant to fought evil nor good,
It is a game which results varies nor depending on the players decisions and action,
The world will be interactive as it could be as long that it don’t defy any necessary things.
Player will start in a random scene or place depending on the character they’ve chosen.
First interaction with things will guide nor give you hint about relevant things on the interaction target.
The goal will depends on the players goal, you can be the strongest solo player or you can be the leader of the strongest guild,
you could be a wanderer, merchant, hunter or even just a normal player who loves to socialize with other players.

In this game, You can be whatever you want, it’s your own life, its your own adventure. You could be in the side of Neutral, Good nor Evil.

This Game Includes:
All kinds of view port
Oculus Rift support.

This project aims to create a game that have everything you could ever ask for,
Like having the player his/her very own place in the World,
The game World will be Interactive as it can be, it also consist of Realistic Gameplay and many more.
Creating a Game with this Level of Quality, Interaction and Realism will need an Experienced Hardcore Dedicated People.

(If team building is a success, Team Name will be) Deity Minds

Team Structure:
Jordan Lacandula(Project Creator)
Project Management, Programming & Game Design - 4 years.

Talent Required:

GamePlay Programmer(1) / AI Programmer(1) / Network Programmer(1)
Experience and Familiarity in Engines codes
Able to Implement instructions in c++ if it is needed in blueprint.
Ability to write codes in fewer Instructions as possible without disregarding Mid-End Computer Performance.
Ability to create Gameplay Elements that is needed.
Ability to create a Plugin to be used in engine is a plus.

Concept Artist(2)
Should be creative.
Able to Draw/Illustrate in any software / gadget.
Able to Draw/Illustrate a high detailed concept.
Being Familiar in Norse Mythology is a plus.

3D Character Artist (1)
Experience with Maya / 3Ds Max / Blender and Mari.
Able to Import/Export Models in the Engine.
Able to create HighPoly and LowPoly 3d models.(eq.Player / Monster / NPC and etc)
Able to create material from 3D models.
Able to create material in engine
Able to create seamless texture from 3D models.

Experience with Maya / 3Ds Max / Blender.
Able to rig a 3d model
Able to create a skeleton for 3d model
Able to create smooth animations.
Ability to morph animate is a plus.

FX Artist(2)
Able to create new effects in the Material Editor.
Able to create new effects in the Cascade Editor.
Able to create textures needed for effects.

Environment Artist(2)
Experience with Maya / 3Ds Max / Blender and Mari.
Able to Import/Export Models in the Engine.
Able to create HighPoly and LowPoly 3d world assets(eq.boulders/trees and etc.)
Able to create different kind of texture map from 3d models.(eq.bump/normal/Displacement/Diffuse and etc.)
Able to create material in engine.
Able to create material from 3D models.
Able to create seamless texture from 3D models.

Composer/SFX Artist(2)
Experience with WWise or any other sfx software.
Able to create a clear/clean sound effects.
Able to create a seamless audio loop.
Able to create in-game soundtrack.

Level Designer
Can Communicate well to the Team Member(s).
Able to create script in blueprint Editor.
Able to create a detailed level/world.
Experience in drawing/Illustrating a visual architect of the level is a plus.
Experience in GameDesigning is a plus.

Cinematic Artist
Experience in creating a cinematic scene.
Able to create cinematics in Matinee Editor.
Able to communicate the matinee with the blueprint.

Contact me: ( please add the Introduction )
Skype: jordan.lacandula (From: Philippines)

NOTE: Experienced people is what i’m looking,
With Professional Experience is better.

This is either an MMO, or a Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode.
You might want to clarify.

The next generation of MMO

Hello Jordan,

I really enjoyed your projet’s idea ! It really reminds me of Sword Art Online, which is my favorite anime.
I am very enthousiastic about VR possibilities, and I am searching for a stimulating project. I thought about creating “the Seed” in order to bring a revolution in the MMO world.
That’s why, I would like to postulate for Yggdrasil Project.

Actually, I am a French Hardware and Software engeneer, specialized in Bio Medical Devices. I worked for one year with Unity and C4D, and since my actual job consists in programming in C++ with Qt5, I decided to try Unreal Engine during weekends. I think I could really help in C++ programming, whatever it is for Network, AI or Gameplay.

Let me know if you are interested !
Fabien B.

I am interested and have skyped you, tell me what you think…

Thanks for showing Interest Sean.

Still looking for ppl

Wow, that’s an very large aim you have for youre game.
Do you have a gamedoc, Concept art, anything to show that you archieved with the team so far?

As I have seen, you are interested in none of the projects you comment. Then why the heck do you comment mate, why do you care if you are not going to get involved?
There must be a filter for worthless posting too along with the realisticness you posted on my thread

@Innos: this is a pure royalty project. So before I invest any further time to this, I wanna know how realistic it is that the game could be finished and I could see any payment. ok?
And if there are only big dreams and no proof that they can be really made, then i get very suspicous.
Also I wonder why the project starter wants to join another project, see here:
Youre project, Innos?

Thats why i ask these question, feel free to disregard them by yourself.

Yes it has documentation, and a 4 page story line, this 2 things are updated as soon as an idea fit.

I have a facebook page for list of concept image, this images will be replaced by concept artist,

and about me joining other project, this project is not in progress,
it may have gdd and concept image references, but it will only start when i have at least 1 people that’s gonna do the job for each field,
It means that i can join any project,

About your concern in the realistic-ness of this project, It will depend on decision i’ll make, based on members that i could get.

Thanks GameDev-DR.

If you got any question regrading the project, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Still looking people:D

There is an MMO Starter Kit in the Content Creation forum. Should make the development easier. :slight_smile:

It sure will make development easier, but its gonna be a piece of cake for an experienced ppl to make.

Are you serious?

There’s a 0.000001% chance that anyone experienced would spend their time in an MMO without getting paid upfront. I provided you the link which will allow you to do it yourself, because if you want to get funding and/or people, you need to make a “lite version” how you can with limited resources and make it look good with good artwork.

Don’t believe me? I had to put a 90s platformer on hold because no-one was interested in a game with programmer art. It’s much smaller than an MMO, and I struggled.

Look, it’s easier than ever before to make an MMO by yourself. I’d just suggest to start small. :slight_smile:

I recommend setting up your Source Control before recruiting a team.

Good Luck to you.

you can contact with me for the FX System
skype lo1997xd

i dont mean professional experience :smiley: thanks for reminding me

I’d really be interested to see a design overview. Not a design doc as you shouldn’t share those without an NDA, but a general outline of the goals, descriptions, and technical planning. For a project of this size it is very important that anyone interested would be able to look at these things. Concept art wouldn’t hurt either :slight_smile:

Also you should post your native language, as the context of some of your sentences indicate it isn’t English. That or there’s some weird typos :slight_smile:

Thanks, That’s right, i cant share the docs w/o NDA and i dont plan to do that, but i can discuss everything that the member need to know,
and unfortunately there is no concept image, the images in facebook page i was talking about are not mine,
i just get them in the web for reference, those images will be replaced by the works of concept artist.

Thanks for the grammar heads up;

A bunch of indies teaming up to build an MMORPG that shows up the big studios sounds awesome!
I’ll be happy to do lighting design for you once you have some geometry to work with. I’ve done live lighting as well as technical artistry before.
Looking forward to your progress, and hit me up when you need it!

Please leave a message in Skype to save a contact of you,
Or email me at,
with cv if available

Well, you did say “experienced”, so I thought you wanted AAA professionals to do it, like the other MMO posts. :slight_smile: