LookAt node not updating in editor when using lookat location from another BP

For me the LookAt node is not updating in editor when using a lookat location from another BP. It does update correctly once when compiling but after that doesn’t update at all even though Update Animation in Editor is enabled and the variable is set using the Update Animation (tick) event and then used in the animgraph.

Setup is

  1. Actor that sets a variable (location in world) in the construction script
  2. AnimBP that is attached to a character BP and reads the location in Update Animation using Get Attached Pawn (or just the BP directly using Get All Actors, doesn’t really matter since none of the methods work correctly), then sets it and uses it in the animgraph

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I got it working a bit better by reading the variable from the character BP construction script, then I can at least nudge the character to update the anim instance without recompiling. Still, if there’s a way to force execution of construction scripts from other BPs without custom code I would really like to know it. This seems like a thing that should work but just doesn’t for some reason.