LogSecurity:Warning - Invalid_Data


Since 4.9, we have new log into our server log:

[2015.10.14-21.41.31:039][240]LogSecurity:Warning: Ip:Port : Invalid_Data: Received a packet with an invalid PacketID

I looked into github to try to understand what causing it. While I can understand the purpose of this warning, I can’t get what’s the root cause.

Could you please tell me if this is something on your side that you need to fix (the purpose of this report) or if it’s linked to my game, how can I track those errors ?


Hello ,

We’ve seen this problem in-house when versions weren’t on the same commit. Would it be possible that the server and client weren’t on the same exact version? If that wasn’t the case, are there any certain points where this warning occurs or is it randomly throughout whenever packets are being sent/received?

They were on the same version as they have been cook together one after the other.

As of today, I can’t linked those entries with any game event.
I can only see that when it happenned, I have multiple entries from the same ip in a few millisecond and usally on 1 to 3 players (on 8 players connected).

Is there any place to look at? Should I do a netprofile to see them?


I looked into the warning message itself further and it seems like it was a logging message that was just too verbose. It has been removed and that change will be included in a future build (not 4.10) but you can feel free to comment it out of your code base. You should be able to find the differences on GitHub in the NetConnection.cpp file.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the update.
I will not take into account during my log analysis.