LogCharacterMovement: BP_robot001_C_17 is stuck and failed to move!


maybe someone can help me out. I have a simple robot AI that moves around the map, patrolling target points. I spawn robots during game play and I have moving obstacles on the map.
From time to time a robot gets stuck. In the log I get, for example:
LogCharacterMovement: BP_robot001_C_17 is stuck and failed to move!

Is there any event that I can catch and do something (e.g. destroy the robot)?
Because I have the feeling everytime something gets stuck the game stutters for a very short time.
Is there any event or property that tells me in blueprints that my actor got stuck? I can’t find any.


Ahh ein Nürnberger :smiley: Ich würde den Roboter weiter oben so Z + 20 spawnen dass er runterfällt, direkt auf dem Boden spawnen führt meistens zu stucks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. The stucking doesn’t occur during spawn, it happens sporadically because of the moving obstacles on the map.
I need a possibility to react to an event or something similar to “unstuck” my actors. I don’t know how to do it or what event is fired if a actor gets stuck.

Hmm okey, do those obstacles have collision? They would push the robot away if he has collision too, the stuck can only appear if it goes into something. What job do the obstacles? Moving around?

Yes, they’re moving around. I really don’t know why the physics don’t always push stuff around, but occasionally, some actor gets stuck.
It doesn’t occur all the time, but when it occurs, I need a way to react to it.