LODs for textures in UE4

Hey, i wanted to know if i need to make different texture sizes to use them in different LOD models or if there is a tool in UE4 that can actually reduce the size of the texture to apply them. I’m really confused about what would be a nice workflow to get the best detail possible in the game, i saw the Blueprints level and the Blades of Grass had a texture of 2048x2048 pixels which is very high considering you will have to put a lot in your level.

Thanks a lot for your time and i hope i can get an answer from you guys :slight_smile:

The term you are looking for is ‘mip mapping’. It automatically downsizes your textures for you, you can notice this if you zoom out really fast and zoom back in, you will see your texture ‘pop’ a little bit, which is just the automatic mipmapping.