lode runner fall, how to ?

hi, i’m trying to recreate some levels from old lode runner with the unreal engine 4, but i don’t know how to handle the fall for the enemy into the broken brick.

here is a video of what i want to do

i was thinking in changing the physics of the enemy but don’t know if that will work, any ideas on how to do that ?

thanks in advance for the help and the info.

Can’t you just turn off the physics of the broken brick?
How far have come already, do you have a simple map and enemies to test different solutions?

i’m working to create the first level in ue4, but i tried already to implement this on the udk back in 2011 without good results, that’s why i’m asking for tips to do this. i will post news when the level is done.

You could always add a trigger above a broken brick, that moves the enemy down and freezes them in some way.
Or like Akuma said, change the visibility of the brick and remove collisions from it (possibly adding a small invisibly brick at the bottom, to stop the enemies falls all the way through).
Not sure to what extent you want to recreate it though. Do you want it to look like UE4 physics, or the original fall handling?