LOD Help

I’m trying to model a relatively low-poly city and the way I’m doing it is by modeling it block by block and setting the pivot at the same place for easier importing and placing on UE4, but I just realized that this might cause issues with LODs.
Do LODs switch when I’m far away from the pivot or the triangles?

This might be a stupid question but I really don’t know.

Ue4 ignore the pivot of each individual object. The pivot when import would be aways 0,0.

If its your first time perhaps its better for you doing some trys importing your city without finish for check things.

Hi Kristusea,

The LOD is based on screen size of the object using either the auto-computed LOD distances or ones you’ve setup yourself. This is not affected by location of the pivot.

I hope that helps.


Good to know.
Thanks a lot!