LOD group set on all meshes ... FPS down?

What is happening.

  • project has a lot of meshes and dense scenes/maps
  • previously no meshes had any LOD group set
  • using a Python script set LOD for all meshes based on “approx size” attribute
  • scene now gets much worse FPS??? :eek::frowning:

We are using the recommened LOD groups / settings here:…ion/index.html

Anyone else run into this?

Did you profile in some way? Are you CPU bound or GPU bound?

Use the rendering stats to check what is causing the bottleneck, so that you can have a clue.

Yep looking at those now to compare. Did stat-game, stat-gpu, stat-rhi, stat-scenerendering, stat-unit. Will update with results.

Here is “stat unit” without and with LOD. With LOD game looks worse and is slightly slower.