Lod Atlas nearest neighbor (preserve hard edges) mipmap


I have a 4096 texture atlas with 512 squares in it, im “cutting” out the 512 squares and are adding em to a plane, problem are that whatever I change the lod/mip-map settings in the texture there are pixel bleeding in the mip-maps.
So are there any way to get the mip-maps to be generated with a nearest neighbor (preserve hard edges) type of filter?
Or is it possible to import my own custom made mip-maps?


As far i know there is no workaround that problem. usually in this case it is necessary lo leave some space between UV islands to prevent leaks same as when making uvs for light maps.

Ye, that the only solution I have come up with too so far :confused: about 20 pixel padding on every side seems to do the job , shame that I have to loose pixels but I can live with that (for now) :slight_smile: