Lod 0

This is an optimization question.

When utilizing models that need to be kept track of, but are outside of the Players visual area is it best to create an LoD 0 setting? As in an LoD without the mesh so it has no polys to render?

So anyone got ideas?

You can definitely use ‘empty’ models as an extra lod, that’s actually a pretty interesting idea I haven’t used before, no reason it shouldn’t work. This wouldn’t really be lod0 since that’s your base mesh, every extra lod you add goes from 0 to 1, 2, 3.

But you could also just cover areas with cull volumes. You could set one up to (temporarily) hide stuff. Volumes Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

I believe occlusion culling happens automatically in the game engine to prevent anything not seen from being drawn, and you can precompute this to improve performance. But if you want to turn off the mesh entirely, you can control the Max draw distance, which is the length after which the mesh will stop being rendered. You can find it in the details panel of any static mesh object in the world.

Hi, everybody. How I can switch-off the LOD? To tell more precisely to switch to the maximum quality. I want that the texture always will in the maximum quality. I choose “Base LOD” and I save it. But it doesn’t save. If to come once again there will be “Auto LOD” again.


Mesh LODs are different from texture Mip levels. Mesh LODs just use lower-polygon meshes. Textures use mipmapping to soften in the distance. If you turn this off, textures can very quickly become sharper than they should be and they will start aliasing. You can double click the texture itself to change mip settings, though.