Locomotion animations only work when possessing characters?

I am new to unreal and have been toying with the controls of the Echo Walker character from the UE5 demo. So far I have had no issues adapting movements of characters I possess, but when trying to develop an NPC character I have found out that whilst I am able to move the characters correctly, they do so in their wide idle position and there is no walking animation.

If I possess a character and input a forward movement on every click, the character animates properly and moves forward. If I do not possess the character, it will move forward but with an idle stance.

Would anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?

No idea what is actually being done, however usually epic likes to release animation code that is directly liked to the character velocity - as seen in most default templates.

It could be that’s what’s happening here, or it could be that the team behind it is doing it correctly, making the AI require different parameters to be toggled.

Check the animation BP.
If the code in the animation BP is empty, then you can assume the demo isn’t trash.

If the animation BP has a cast and on tick updates, then you can assume it is trash, and you can use the whole thing as a loose reference of what is possible if you actually put a month’s time into learning how to do it correctly.

In either case, if you aren’t using an AI controller which properly invokes the parameters to generate movement, give that a try.
It may just animate as it should…