Lock Y-Axis Looking in Blueprint


I want to lock Y-Axis looking. So that moving mouse to up or down won’t work and player can look only left or right. How can I do that?

Thank You!

Do you want to deactivate it temporarily or disable it completely?

For the former you need to use a boolean in your Camera movement logic that disables the Y Axis in your Input
For the latter simply remove the Y input from your game.

I want to deactive it temporarily. Which blueprint should i use?

Your pawn/character, where you control the camera

Here is my blueprint.

Add Controller Pitch Input needs a value in order to rotate your pawn every frame, if you always send it zero, you won’t lookup.

Said that, you would add a logic to turn the axis value to zero whenever you want to block the pitch rotation (basically what Raildex is saying).