Lock Material Orientation when rotating terrain? [RESOLVED]

Hi just a question.

Is it possible to lock the orientation of a terrain material so it does not change when rotating a terrain as shown below?

Currently it is set at 45 degree in B and loses the details but i want to retain the look from A and still be able to rotate it 360.

Is there a feature in Ue4 that can do that in any way? or other workaround to achieve it?

Note that the final landscape material used is irrelevant as its the possibility of doing itself thats important.

bump as it appeared on the last page for some reason?

looks like you’re using a dot product to blend between rock and grass. maybe you’re using the world align blend function which contains the dot product…

whatever the case the issue is that your up vector is in world space.

0,0,1 -> transform vector local to world -> world align blend function(in world vector)

Could not get the material i used originally to work with what you suggested but it does work with more simple texturing so it will have to do for now until i gt it sorted out. thx for the info.

Hi **IndieGameCove **just wanted to let you know that your suggestion did resolve the issue i was having with the texture, it was just me who was too newbie to get what you meant.

Thx for the help, i have marked this post as resolved :slight_smile:

Hi, please show me how to fix your issue, i still cant understand :frowning: