Lock Axis And add Rotation of Actor

Yes. If you look in the details of your mesh you will see the ability too lock position or rotation for each axis. Here’s a screen shot of it in the details panel.


I make lock Axis but I wont Rotation particles in local Actor transformation (whithout rotation on cam)

Can I Make This?

Yes, but I dont wont Lock Mesh, I wont rotation Particle (Lock Axis in Cascade) with mesh forward vector.
Or I dont undestand your answer?

I’m not sure what your asking for. if your saying you want a rotating particle effect the effect will automatically rotate with your actor where ever you have the effect come from

if you FX comes from a socket on the mesh it will rotate with it I messed around making flame feet, and they had some weird angles because, they were attached to the sockets in the feet, and would follow the foot as it went off the ground

One FX particle Element (Like Hot Wind wave) i lock on Y Axis in cascede. Because I dont wont rotate this element on camera. But wont rotation thist element with another object in actor.

FX dont rotait with object