Location of instanced static mesh with blueprint does not always lineup my meshes against each other

So, I am trying to develop a procedural building generator using UE 4.14. I wanted to do it a bit differently by calculating the location based on wall size multiplied by loop index as oppose to using a spline mesh component. I thought this would resolve the problem from the mesh being stretched, compared to the spline mesh component which does cause mesh stretching. However, after adding the calculations for local space coordinates, I noticed that some of the walls are off by 98/1000cm. (for ex. 300.0, 599.9998…) This should not be, since the size of each wall is 300cm. I know this is not a problem with my meshes not setup at 0,0,0, as they lineup perfectly when placing them into the world by hand. How could this be? below is a screen shot

Cricket… Cricket… Ahhh!! The joyful sound that crickets make during the night. I guess no one else has come upon this problem or have any idea of why this would be happening?

Okay, So I found the cause of the small gap that happens on the next rotation. The blueprint is suppose to build each wall side, starting from, front, right, back, and left. However, after the blueprint rotates the current mesh, it cause the new location to be off. At first I thought it was due to using RotateVectorFromAxis node, but even entering a number in a MakeRotator node, it still causes an issue. Any idea why rotating the mesh causes this problem?