Localisation in UE4 seems to be a nightmare.

I’ve recently decided to get into UE4. I have little programming background, and the Blueprint system appealed massively to me.

I am now trying to make something as simple as a menu, one that works in several languages, and I’m already at wits’ end. I have a localisation background in games (several shipped titles), and the way I’m used to working with text is in spreadsheets. On the prototypes for my own game studio, we used the Godot engine; it had a simple way of importing spreadsheet-based textfiles. This is how the spreadsheets we worked on looked (easy to work in for translators and devs.)


After converting the spreadsheet into a .csv file, we could call strings by creating a text block that references the two identifiers. It would then appear in said text block in whichever language the game was running in.

Every tutorial I found for UE4 seems nightmarish in comparison. I’ve genuinely given myself headaches trying to wrap my head around the workflow. I’m really hoping I’m just looking at the wrong places, and that there is a simpler workflow for localising games in UE4?

So, I’m trying to find answers to these questions:

  1. How do I turn a spreadsheet textfile (pictured above) into something UE4 understands?
  2. How do I then import that text file, and utilise its strings?

It currently feels like I need to obtain a PhD to do this simple thing in UE4, so if anyone could break this down for me, it would be massively appreciated.