Local Multiplayer


I want to do a local multiplayer mode with 2 or 4 player in a board game. On the same screen. Each turn, each player have to play on a board. I found the create player node and i already saw the network tutorial video. But nothing is clear actually …
If anyone have some clue to do this … Thanks in advance.


I am curious about this as well could some one chime in on this :slight_smile:

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In a board game, you would just essentially have one active player, and then different data sets for each player playing the game.
The simple would be having each player as an actor and as soon as one player is done the controller poses the next player actor.

So that would mean, you have one controller, that you pass around.

Ok it makes sens. Do you have an example in mind ?

Also what if i want to do the same thing in multiplayer ?

And also what did i do for a card game with 4 players ? The same thing that you describes ?

I have an example in mind but not in Reality. And no time to put one together. Multiplayer requires a different mindset, then you can have one controller per player from the start.
A local card game is more problematic, since all players will see each others cards.

Ok thanks for your aswer …

If i can i will post here or in the wip section to show what i found …

So finally if i say :

  • The board is the pawn - so there is one pawn
  • There is 2 or 4 player with their player controller (or ai controller if there is an ai)
  • Each end of turn, each player controller (or ai controller if there is an ai) unposses the pawn
  • Each begining of turn, one of the player controller (or ai controller if there is an ai) posses the pawn

Beside that, the pawn receive the click and set event to tell gamestate and gamemode to display and count the score

It should work ?
What do you think ?

That sounds resonable I would say, it is probably the path I would go down untill either it works, or I have to re-evalue.

This would mean that any player state, score, values etc, either are stored by the controller or the board. But thats is quite resonable, the board should handle all shared states, and the controller should be a controller and just evaluate act based on the pawn it gets, the board in this case. Sounds good.

Ok thanks :wink: