Local Multiplayer: I need a button, that can be activated by both characters

Hey there
I am working on a local Multiplayer game with to different Charakters with different abillities. They have independend BP/Meshes/Animations and I set them up like this:

Now i want to create a element both can interact with to open a door in my level (or doo anithing else after they pressed a button in my world). I tried things like this:

It does work but i cant find a way to do it with 2 characters.

Please, if you can point me to the right direction, it would be a great help.
Thanks for Reading!

So are you trying to make it so both characters need to press the button or something?

If this is the case, you can add two booleans (Player1Pressed, Player2Pressed) to the button (or door or whatever) Actor itself. Whenever the button gets pressed, figure out which player it was (something like an ‘Interact’ function, which takes in some reference of the player (either the Pawn, PlayerState or just player index)).
Within this Interact function, update the corresponding boolean value, then if both booleans are true, open the door.

I found a solution;