Local multiplayer HUD Implementation issues in UE4

Hey everyone, first time poster here,

After following the basic HUD tutorial from unreal, and then looking around at some different local multiplayer forum discussions, I now have a working four player game mode. However only the first player has a working HUD. The bindings do not seem to work for any other character than the first, and “add to viewport” is stacking them all on the first player screen. I have tried different variations of “get owning player pawn” instead of “get player controller” but they do not seem to help. I have a feeling the issue is that there is only one player controller, yet I can’t work out how to spawn the other players under the control of separate controllers. All characters have a unique “auto possess player” to allow separate controllers. I come from an art background so my UE4 knowledge begins and ends with blueprinting, I have no experience with C++. Apologies if this has been addressed before I have spent entire afternoons sifting through forum posts for a solution to this issue but I can’t seem to find anything.

Need to add a ‘Get Player Controller’ Node plugged into the owning player of the create widget and set the index to 0 for player 1, 1 forplayer 2 etc. It looks like you are storing the HUD creation in your controller, so this could probably be optimized with a single blueprinted HUD widget with self references instead of player index references.