Local Multiplayer Character Selection?

Can someone help me with creating a character selection screen that uses 1-4 cursors controlled by different player controllers? No idea where to start. I have local multiplayer working fine but I’ve only just started looking into UMG and I can only get one cursor to show up (the default OS cursor of course)

my guess is, your cursors shouldn’t be a cursors but an object in a game which can be moved around by specific controllers.

What he said ^

If you know about HUD/UMG and network replication then all you need to do is take in location co-ordinates from each player and draw a cursor on the hud. It should be very easy task if you know atleast the blueprints and replication

additionally for simulating clicks you’ll need to line trace from screen position.

It’s for local multiplayer on one screen so I don’t think I’ll need any network replication? I’ll try out the objects instead of cursors method as it does seem easier then I thought and I’ll update here if I get it working!

looking forward for your solution, but one remark: you sure you even need those cursors in character selections from ui design/utility point of view? I found old school mortal kombat different colour frames around character much more intuitive, less confusing and easier to implement.

I’ve been thinking about this and I would like to use either method but I am unsure how to do either. I’ll take a look at the mortal kombat/killer instinct method

It seems UMG lacks any controller support?