Local Multiplayer 2 players

I know how to create a local game with 2 players but how do I assign a blueprint to the second player. How would I create a collision between the two players what would I cast to?

What kind of blueprint you want to assign?

I basically have the blueprint that i want to assign to the players all i need to do is duplicate one and then change some controls but how exactly would I tell unreal engine that i want it to use this blueprint for my second player. Also on a side note how do i get it so i can see both windows of each players view cause currnetly on one players window pops up and the other one is controlled in the editor.

You mean PlayerController? I think there no way to do that in Blueprints, you need to make one PlayerController that will handle both of players

so how would i set health and a collision to reduce it like if X collides with player 2 then -50health what function would i call or would i have to set up 2 of each health

No? You need only 1 class and 2 objects of it, if you set PlayerController class in Project Settings, engine will create 2 controllers of that class and they are 100% independent from eachother, X varable can be diffrent on each.

It seems you lacking basic knowlage about classes and objects, watch this:

Yea i know i just recently started experimenting with local multiplayer thanks for your help i will watch the video now.