Lobby system - non UMG, Blueprint.

As I am building a game for mobile I tend not to trust to the UMG system. As good as it looks like I’m used to old DrawHUD call in the HUD class. Anyways, Blueprint only (no UMG) lobby system for multiplayer games.

Only thing I’ve left is a way to change the server name and the player names, cause they are pretty broken for now.

I can think about making a tutorial (without the fancy fadeouts)

That is really cool! It would be great if you made a tutorial. You could post it here and I’d be sure to look at it. If you don’t have a mic, I suggest you get one. You can get a good one on amazon for $10:

Haha, I do have a mic mate. Problem is I don’t have much time to make tutorials as I’m trying to finish this project as fast as possible.
But, if more people comes by I might consider doing it.

Alright great!


A tutorial would be awesome!

I’m certainly interested in learning how that works.

I think what I would do if I was you, is copy/make that into a simplified content example and then sell it on the marketplace and sellfy.
You’d generate a little revenue to help fund the project, save some time making a tutorial, and imho, having a working demo project that I can reverse engineer beats having a tutorial.

But a tutorial would be great too :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a thought.

Problem is I’m not quite sure how ‘right’ this is done. I made this through trial and error and it kidnd’a worked. I see marketplace a place for a good stuff, the pro stuff that people know how it should work.
I might try, like 5 bucks for that kind of thing would be fine I guess…

I’ll thing about it, thanks.

Oh, then, I can make a POLL!