Loading textures and exporting to UN4 from Blender


I’m currently a newbie with Blender and UE4, so for some of you my questions will sound stupid. And I’ll be very thankful if you explain the solution or problem in the easy way to quickly understand and fix the issue, plz no complicated language xD

  1. How do I apply textures on my object in Blender(v2.77) using Cycles Render engine? Cause all is rendered is just a color similar to my texture’s overall color after I add a new material, then select “Image or Movie” in the “Color” options and then upload a texture in the “Textures” tab.

  1. How do I transfer complete objects with textures(added in Blender) to UE4 without any problems? Do I need to add them manually in UE4 later or is there a way to make a complete textured object in Blender and simply add it to UE4 as a .fbx file?

I’ll be very thankful for your answers and any kind of help:)

  1. Did you UV unwrap your model? There are quite a number of very good tutorials on Youtube concerning Blender UVs and Cycles materials. Those might be more help than a few comments here.

  2. You have to export your model as an .fbx file that can be imported into UE4. Once again, see the very good tutorials for this on Youtube.

Be forewarned however that Cycles materials do not export to .fbx, as far as I am aware, and you will have to remake your materials in UE4.