Loading Pre-Baked Lightmap (GI Atlas)?

Actually I am making (at least trying xD) port of one X360 game. It has already generated .dds lightmaps for every environment. I found how one guy made an importer (for Unity) for these maps. Of course I couldn’t find any information how to do the same thing (not just in UE, but any available game engine).

So, it would be nice if someone could at least explain the lightmapping process and tell me how I can control that: give me some documentation or something, I don’t know.

P.S. An example of pre-generated lightmaps:

It wouldn’t be able to use those, every engine does lightmaps a bit different.

In any case, unless you got permission from the developer then you can’t legally do that with an existing game

@darthviper107 Actually, I’ve found something in source files of the game. Somehow (I still try to manage it out) it ‘fakes’ GI Map by making a special material with… I guess reflection map and ambient map, and then somehow applies to them the map. I’m not sure about that, again, but it looks so.

I agree, I didn’t get any permission, but I guess I’ll try to do that soon…? But most likely they pretty much give permission easily, because there is tens of projects like this, which uses original game assets and there’s also a big events dedicated to fan projects on their games. Or they just don’t care, because it’s not commercial projects and they’re not Nintendo.

I should also say that the original game is built with proprietary rendering engine, so somehow he did it. With Unity, but it does mean that it is possible on any engine…