Loading new assets after publishing the game

hey guys…

can anyone explain to me how DLC/updates works or how can I make one using unreal engine

and to be more specific
lets say that the project is on windows
and I am making a FPS game

is there a way to add extra weapons to the game even if the weapon is made with blueprints?

or a way to make a weapons folder with the game
whenever you want to add a weapon you can just throw a custom file there and the game will read it and import it when it starts ?

I believe you need to design generic solution to be able to load custom asstes. And your last sentence is one of idea which might work.

I believe the recently re-added BuildPatchTool is how you’re supposed to accomplish this.

page not found :frowning:

I read about something called pak file
and they are package files for Unreal engine you can put uassets in it

but I don’t know how to use it
here is a link in the doc for the API

the doc doesn’t explain everything well

I think the generic solution is already there
but the problem is how to use it

You need to be logged with a github account that have access to UnrealEngine to see the page

this is my account that is subscribed with UE4

and I didn’t find anything related to my question.