Loading levels during the game without pre-placement in the game world

Good day, Unreal.
I want to know if there is an opportunity to download levels during the game without placing them before the start.
As an example.
Basic conditions:
There is a # 0 level where the player character appears. Then he goes forward, and there is a need to load the next level.

I know how
Make a level. put it ahead, load when the player overlaps the box.

What I want.
Make several levels (# 1 and # 2 for example). And put one of them forward depending on the action or choice of the player.

At the moment I theoretically understand that you can put both on the same place, and load the right one. But this is not enough.

I would like to have a way to put the level in front of the player many times in a row, right up to infinity.
(unloading levels remaining behind) By the principle of the treadmill but only in all directions and without a predefined terrain ahead.
I’m sorry for bad English, I hope the pictures will clarify the idea.
Thank you very much