Loading blueprint from packaged project

Hello everyone,

I try to set my default pawn class in my game mode loading a blueprint. It works fine in editor but the packaged project can’t find the blueprint …

A window open at startup and says it failed to load the blueprint.

Anyone has any idea of the reason of this problem ?

Thanks a lot.

GameMode constructor:

	// Get pawn
	static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UBlueprint> pawn(TEXT("Blueprint'/Game/MyContent/Character/MyCharacter.MyCharacter'"));

	// Set default pawn
	if (pawn.Object)
		DefaultPawnClass = (UClass*)pawn.Object->GeneratedClass;
		DefaultPawnClass = ATEST_Character::StaticClass();

PS: I added “MyContent” to additionnal directories in Packaging settings. No success…