Load savegames in multiplayer

Hey guys I created a simple project just to test it out because I already searched in every single forum and site around the internet and there’s no info for what I’d like to do here. (There’s not any attachment because the forum’s database is under maintenance or something for now) So let’s get started. The player can choose between colors for his head. Green and Red. This variable is saved to a .sav file using the node “Save game to Slot”. When the player enters in a multiplayer level, he should be able to see other player’s head with the color that they chose. It sounds pretty simple but trust me I’m almost going insane with this thing. I already tried everything with player controllers, pawns, game modes, game instances, and whatever. Please guys I was about to release a game when I stuck into this. And it was about 2 months ago. Can someone help me pleeease?

Load the options you use to define cosmetics from the .sav unto the gameInstance (using either a dataTable or parallel arrays with the cosmetic options matched to the specific players).

Inside the constructor for the client side version of the (remote) player characters, just have it recreate the correct cosmetic outcome by referencing the data you ported over to the game instance.

Of course the specific implementation will depend on how you structured your blueprints. But as long as how you manipulate the cosmetics is modular the general gist should work.