Load new map after a few minutes

I’m new in the “blueprints creating” community. I used pre builded blueprints in the past. But now I want to create a situation in VR where you’re standing in a street and change the map after a minute without doing something special (like any form of interaction for example). My first idea was to create a box collision where you stand with your VRpawn inside from the very beginning. But when I use a “open level” action it’ll load immediately the new map. I know there’s a timer or something else missing, but what kind of action. :smiley:

I’m grateful for every help. <3

You need the node SetTimerByEvent. Put it on BeginPlay and connect it to your custom event ( call it what you like ) that loads the new map. Just make sure to set the timer node to 30 secs, or whatever…