Load Level with vehicle?

in my game there is a part that you need to drive with your vehicle into a trigger and then its load another level, but the problem is that in the other level I start the game only with my third person character with out the vehicle how can I do it when I get inside the trigger with my vehicle it will spawn me inside the vehicle in the next level?

You will most likely have to Spawn the vehicle again and do whatever logic you need to do to get the player inside it again.

If the vehicle is the Player Character itself, you can probably just set that in the Game Mode overrides to be the default for that level.

it a spaceship and when I’m get inside the trigger it will spawn me in the sky of the star (the other level) that I was created and then I can just land on the ground and get out the vehicle

Just create a custom player controller and set in your game mode override for the level to start you as that player controller.