LiveLinkXr can't trigger InputActions for recording in sequencer.

Hey everyone,

In a bit of a bind here and reaching out for some help if anyone can offer it. Thanks!

**Using 4.26 and that motion controller has been deprecated in favor of LiveLinkXr standard.

I want to be able to **trigger InputActions while in the editor/sequencer **using LiveLinkXr controllers.

In my case, I’m using the ViveWand to control a flashlight. I also have another person with their own vive wand/flashlight. They are able to turn their flashlights on and off by pressing the triggers, but only at game runtime and while possessing a single character. I want to record them in the sequencer with my virtual camera and enable them both to turn their flashlights on and off.

So I think I need to somehow pass input live into the actors individual blueprints in editor, not in game runtime, How could I achieve that?

Whats working:
The vive wand is controling the transform of the flashlight in the editor, via On Live Link Updated node (which documentation describes as a substitute for “tick” that works in the editor)

So far it seems that using EvaluateLiveLinkFrame only gives transform data and not info for the triggers and buttons (unless I’m wrong, and I hope I am)

Any thoughts about recording input from controllers live in the editor/sequencer would be much appreciated! Thanks!