Live Link for Maya Works ... then reverts to default poses

Need help using Maya Live Link for Unreal plugin.

I can successfully establish a connection between Maya and Unreal. When I move the character in Maya, the Unreal character follows the action specified in Maya correctly. However, if I’m not actively scrubbing the Maya timeline or playing an animation in Maya, then the character in Unreal reverts back to the default pose and the camera in Unreal reverts from the Maya camera view back to the default camera view in Unreal.

I followed the instructions at this URL ( It’s weird that it seems to be working but once the animation or scrubbing is stopped then the Unreal character and camera revert to it’s default positions. How can I get the Unreal character / camera to continue to follow the Maya character / camera?


Seems like it may be related to the “Valid Engine Time” value in the Unreal Live Link settings. When I start the Unreal Live Link process the “Valid Engine Time” is set to .5 seconds. When I increase this to 5 mins then the character in Unreal will hold the pose from Maya for that length of time even if there is no activity within Maya