Little help with simple animation

Hi. I’m new with any realtime engine, I learned how to export models from blender, nodes, materials, but now starts the issues: I don’t find how to make “it live”:
I’m not asking for a step by step explaination, but just the right words to google in order to find the tutorials for the right blueprints I need, but actually I dont’t know what I have to search for:

A) A static Camera, [DEFINED TIME] Camera becomes free, [BUTTON INPUT] Camera flies back and become static again
B) After the camera is back toplace, the objects in the scene moves and a new object fades in

If you need mode details, I need to make something like:

  1. Static Camera, a writing appears: Marco Mora presents… bla bla bla… Fade out… my model fades in
  2. The Camera becomes free, the player can move around, roam and look at the model as much as he want
  3. When ok the Player press a button and the camera flies back to the static place of point 1)
  4. The objects in the scenes moves to the left and becomes smaller, a new models fades in
  5. From 2 to 4 again and again and again…

Thank you so much