Little awesome project

So, first time using UE4 making this a odd (hopefully cool) experience. Given the choice of the type of game, I wanted to choose First-person because it gives a huge option in the use of landscapes/environments. I really want to create a form of exploration/walking-simulator/art piece that is taken inspiration from Blade Runner. Specifically the ‘high street’ or city market from the movie and make it an actual environment to walk around and explore in. Let me know what you think and if you can give me any tips, please feel free to.

Dude, I know someone did a street scene with a bunch of neon lights that reminded me of Bladerunner but I can’t find it. I would move this post to the general discussion and someone should be able to find it. You also may want to search through the Released Projects forums. I know it’s out there. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


since this thread is not really about posting your Work in Progress, but rather asking for some ideas, i will move the thread to the
“General Discussion” Forum.

If you decided on what you want to create and if you can provide screenshots of your work, then feel free to open a new thread in
the WiP section with all your stuff in it. (:

I opened a new thread lol, I’ve already started on the work but collision creating is a big of a pain…Thanks for moving it to general discussion :).

Taken me a while to reply aha…but yeah I really dig the neo-noire setting, I was really exited for Prey 2 because of the similar style. But Bethesda cancelled it :frowning: