lit sphere materials do not work in VR!

I hope this is the right place to post this question…

I am working on a VR project and to my dismay lit sphere materials do not work as expected in VR.

Well, they work, but as you rotate your head, the UVs rotate as well. I never noticed this with regular 3D (non-VR) but in VR it makes litsphere almost unusable in some cases…

apparently, lit sphere materials orient the same way the camera orients.
what I need is the UVs to orient along the direction TOWARDS the camera’s WS position, in other words i need the center of the UVs to follow the cameras position. hopefully this image helps explain the problem… (happy face is what i want, sad face is what i currrently have)

This is the material that I currently use for lit sphere:

I think I can get the vector towards the camera, I just dont know how to apply it to the UVs to get the result I am looking for…Does anyone know how to take a vector and apply it to UVs

this i believe gives me the direction towards the camera: