Listing all classes of a type / tag

Hi there. Brand new to ue4, i’m looking forward to know how i could list all classes of a type or containing a tag maybe to randomly spawn an actor. Let me explain myself.
I got a parent class weapon. From this class, i create some children to get some weapons, say swords and axes, for example.
I know i can make an array of actor classes to list them all, but how could i populate this array by blueprint. My goal is to be able to add a new sword, and this sword (for example) should be automatically taken into consideration by my game as a new potentially spawnable actor for my character.

are 3 actor blueprints

WeaponList in an array of actor classes

Which function should i use to automatically populate my array with all the weapon type actor classes.

Further more, i want to be able to import a text file containing all the info, and dynamically creator the weapon actor BP, but it’s the next step.

Thanks by advance.

Use “Get All Actor of Class” node.