List of blueprints used?

I’m pretty new to Unreal. I’ve been going through tutorials. I’ve been looking at the sample projects, which are really impressive and frankly overwhelming!

The tutorials are great but so far the blueprints they’ve had me create are Level blueprints. That’s nice and easy, all the logic in one place.

I spent some time in the Content Examples sample - the one with the hallways of demos. Neat stuff, but when I came to try to figure out how e.g. the “fmod” example works, I couldn’t even locate the blueprint containing the fmod call! It’s certainly not in the level blueprint. Turns out there are blueprints attached to all kinds of objects! (A couple of days later I found fmod attached to the material - it works along with the button blueprint and the slider blueprint, and possibly others!)

All the disconnectedness makes it difficult to visualize how the examples are working.

Is this just something that I will eventually pick up through experience?

Is there a list or overview of all blueprints used so I can peek at them all, see how they’re connected?

Aside: I know C++ well, used it for many years outside Unreal. Should I even be trying out Blueprints at all, or just stay with C++ and learning Unreal’s class library?)

I have requested that Epic make a super event graph where you have all the blueprints in a project laid out with lines showing how they talk to each other. I feel this would be an excellent way to visualize cast, interface, etc, and take blueprint visualization to the next level. They have seen the request, but I don’t expect anything anytime soon. I just hope that they keep the idea in mind and execute when feasible.

Anyway, there is a list of all the blueprints in the project. In the level viewport, in the toolbar there is a button called Blueprints. Get the dropdown menu from it then select class blueprints. Everything should be in there. If it isn’t, then it is probably C++.

Alternatively, if you go File, Open Asset, you can see everything in the project, but I don’t think it has a good way to filter by type.