Lip Sync in engine

Will it ever happen? Can it ever happen? It’s in cry engine. Lip Sync to audio. Thanks.

In Unreal 4? Sure why not. Better still I can see a complete ready made animation system as a plug in solution.

Lip sync from from text is one of the roadmap features of the Allright Rig

The project got one of the unreal dev grants, and the author hopes it will be shipped with the engine one day. I’m not sure whether you can drag a sound file onto the timeline yet, but you can animate faces with bones/morphs already. It’s free so you can try it out.

There’s a beta plugins for FaceFX in UE4 :
I used that in UDK (UE3) and it’s spectacular :slight_smile:

But it’s expensive for a starting studio :frowning: