[Linux] Maintaining Multiple Builds

I’m currently getting set up with UE4 on Linux, and I have a couple of questions regarding sustaining multiple versions using Git.

On Windows you could use the dashboard and download/install multiple versions of the engine, and even select which one to use for a project (last I used it). On Linux, we don’t have this app and launch straight from the UE4Editor binary.

Rather than downloading the tarball for each release, extracting then building in a location of choice, I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to use just the release branch and build the Engine into a directory of choice. For example:

|-- UE4
    |-- 4.15.2
        |-- Engine
            |-- Binaries
                |-- Linux
    |-- 4.15.3
    |-- 4.16.x
    |-- UnrealEngine (git - release)

This way I can just do a pull to get the latest hotfix or release then build it out to another directory without overriding the previous engine version. I’m still a bit new to make and its abilities/limitations, so I apologize if this is super easy/not possible. I just feel it’s easier to maintain than constantly downloading full package tarballs and having to go through the full on build time that follows, when doing the upgrade from 15.2 to 15.3 took a fraction of the time as the original build.