[Linux] Is it possible to install UE4 in a read-only location?

Hi everybody!

I am working for the School of Computer Science at McGill University and some students showed interest for us to run the Unreal Engine on our machines. I was experimenting with a distributed install on a read-only NFS share that every students can access and it seems I am getting all kind of problems due to the engine trying to write to its own files (e.g. …]/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Programs/DotNETCommon/DotNETUtilities/obj/Development/DotNETUtilities.csproj.FilesWrittenAbsolute.txt).

Unfortunately, we cannot give enough space to every student to run their own copy in their home directory, so I was looking for guidance on how to make the Engine behave in a more restricted environment.

Any help is welcome!

Consider looking into BitSync, perhaps Running UE4 in the cloud, as a dedicated server for the Editor may fit your requirements - like a virtualized Editor space.