[Linux] How to use custom clang version?

os - openSUSE Tumbleweed

Hi all,

My OS has clang 3.7 by default, and not 3.5 (which is required to compile the engine). I have grabbed the 3.5 prebuilt binaries from their official website, but I do not know how to compile the engine, using those same binaries.

I’m guessing I need some environment variables set up, or an option edited in the engine source code; any help is greatly appreciated.


I got it to work on Fedora 23, which the current version is 3.7.0, I downloaded the binaries of 3.5.0 from the official site of llvm, a tar.xz file, containing the folders “bin”, “lib” and “include”, so I copied everything inside the bin folder (as root) to /bin, everything from the lib folder to /lib/, /lib64 and /usr/lib (idk if all of these is actually necessary, but worked) and include to /usr/include. Everything as root from the terminal, then after all run “clang -v”, the output should be "clang version 3.5.0 (tags/RELEASE_350/final) at the first line. Sorry for the late reply, I got it to work today, hope it works for you.