[Linux][Error] Launching Linux 4.13.2 Editor Gives Black Windows On Manjaro

Following the instructions from A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums I completed the setup and compilation of the linux editor without and errors. Running the editor yields a fully functional loading splash menu, untill the editor loads into the project screen, where the entire window is black. The UI is fully functional but produces nothing but black, and clicking in the right place will load a project, leading to the editor also being fully black. This is an image of the window http://imgur.com/a/0PM1w

This issue is occuring on a fresh install of Manjaro running the Linux 4.4.31-2 kernel with the 370.28 Nvidia Drivers. It isn’t swtiching to the Intel GPU as the logs state it’s using the nvidia gpu, and I have the intel GPU disabled in the BIOS.

I am completely confused as to what is causing this error and searching for a solution has yielded no results and I have tried to no success to use the UE4Editor-Linux-Debug configuration

The commandline output of running the UE4Editor up untill the black screen has appeared is here http://pastebin.com/9ee2pnur

Edit: Forgot to Add Hardware Configuration

CPU: Intel i5 4690k GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 RAM: 16GB