Linux Build 4.14 crashes on startup

So here is the error I get as it’s more or less all of what I can show you. There were no errors during building process, everyrthing went smooth and fluid(although the building process took whole night:D).

Console output: - Share Text & Images the Easy Way

Sure it’s lot of code. It also dumped a 1.2 GB core file in my home folder, however, I’m gone give it only after a request, because such a huge file takes time to upload.

So what’s the issue and how to solve it?


Here’s a vieo of the problem:



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You haven’t built all the binaries, in particular, ShaderCompileWorker is missing. Type

./ && make

in your UE4 directory.

Hi! I’m gone try this now, but I’m already gone mention that I did ./ before doing `make.

I executed the command in the folder. Didn’t see any errors, but, however, when I run the UE4Editor, I get this:
Also the small loading popup shows up, than disappears and nothing else happens.

Hi, RCL. I just updated my question and added link to video of whole installation process. Maybe you can see why’s it crashing there?:slight_smile:

Do not use “make -j 4”, it won’t get you more speed because the actual build process is controlled by UBT and it will use multiple cores without extra flags. Building 4 targets at once is very likely to mess up your repository because some files will overwrite each other - this is most likely the source of your problems. We should have disabled this… I’ll look if that’s possible.

Try doing everything from scratch, using a clean directory and running make without -j flag.

OK! It seems that the installation went well now. It’d be cool if you added this somewhere to the wiki and github readmes to ensure that people don’t make as dumb mistake as I had done. Thanks for the help and greetings from me!:slight_smile: