Linux AArch64 and delayed load of third party library

I’ve got one very special snowflake of an issue… I’ve followed the linux cross-compile doc, and I successfully build from windows for an AArch64 platform.

Now here’s my challenge: I need to delay-load a dynamic library (e.g. ), and call it. (in fact, the library cannot be made accessible on the Windows build machine that does the cross-compilation)

I’ve seen this excellent post: Integrating third-party libraries as Unreal Engine plugins: ABI compatibility and Linux toolchain – P. Galeone's blog

I can guarantee that ABI compatibility is not an issue (the library is in C++ and its interface is just a bunch of functions returning plain float data)

I’d love guidance on how I could tell the engine:

  1. Not to worry about undefined references for the library calls during linking
  2. To load/unload my when I need it to ? (I’m currently investigating to just go raw and dlopen/dlsym )