Link to blog in wiki tutorials?

Hi All,

I’m just in the process of starting a dev blog for a game I’m making in UE4. As part of it I plan to post quite a few tutorials for things that I think others might find helpful.

I’d like to put these tutorials on the wiki as well so that they can be updated by the community as the engine is updated, I might not have the time to do this myself on my blog. I already have a couple tutorials up the wiki already.

My question what do people think of the ethics of linking back to the original blog post in the wiki version of the tutorial? I still want to generate some traffic to my blog so it would be good for me to link the two versions but I don’t want to do so if the community thinks that this might be inappropriate. I’m thinking just a short note at the end in the form of something like “original blog post: <url>”.