Link Crash Report Window more directly to Answerhub?

In a bid to make people post on Answerhub more often when they get bugs (which seems to be a hot topic lately), I think it could be worth adding a big green button that takes the user to Answerhub in their default browser.

It could even auto-attach the logs/crash dump file to the report too. This system might already exist in the form of the ‘Send Report’ feature, but if not it could be valuable! The only issue of course is people abusing it.

How about public bug tracker? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestions. There is already a text link to the AnswerHub in the crash submission pop-up, though I’m aware it’s not very obvious. And we do gather crash dump files with crash submissions already, and are looking into granting authorization to attach logs.

Unfortunately I believe that a feature to auto-post crashes to AnswerHub would overwhelm the AnswerHub, and be of little value. We get many crash submissions, and I’d estimate that 95% of them contain no useful user-provided information. If the same volume posted to the AnswerHub without useful information, then there would be a flood of “unresolved” posts. Luckily we keep these reports behind the scenes and have processes in place to review, log, and escalate them.


I agree… if the crash reports are going to be auto-posted it would have to be in another place (not answerhub).

But we need a public bug tracker… you Epic guys rely on the community so much for bug reports… might as well make that process as good and open as possible.