Linetrace to destroy destructible mesh help.

Hi currently I am using LMB to straight up destroy an actor in my level with a Line trace by channel. However I want to make other object shatter using DMs. I am using the FP template and I have disabled to projectile.

I made my destructible mesh BP and then created an ‘On component hit’ as I have seen in the tutorial. However I can’t seem to get it to work with a line trace. Can anyone help? Heres what I have in my BP in “On Component Hit”.


“Break hit result” -> drag a nod from hit component -> “cast to destructible mesh component” -> drag a nod and write apply damage into and use this function for it. if your DM is set up correctly that should do the thing

are you sure youre not searching for get forward vector instead of the get rotationxvector thing?

Thanks for the reply!

Ill try this as soon as I get home and to answer your question…I’m not sure :slight_smile: Maybe…haha. I’ll switch that too! I don’t exactly remember why I took that node. Perhaps it was the tutorial I watched.