Linetrace shooting to change materials

Hi everyone

I am trying to set up a scene where you can shoot with a linetrace on spheres and then the material of those spheres is set to a skysphere. Somehow I can’t set the material, but the rest is working.
Here is the setup I have done right now. At the end here i just tried to set the material, but it doesn’t work, so I have deleted them

I hope anyone here can help me :slight_smile:


You’re getting the material from “teleport mesh”, and you’re applying it to itself (also “teleport mesh”).

I believe you are trying to apply it to “Render Bubble”, the blue output from the last cast we can see.

I have to agree with Goldsun.
Your “Target” pin in the far right “set material” node should come from the “As Render Bubble” from the “Cast to Render Bubble” node.