LIneTrace, on client always horizontal Line

Found same question in the forum but i dont understand how its solved since im new at unreal.

Im using the basic Linetrace graph you can find on youtube tutorials, in the editor i swtch to 2 players, and run as listen server.

Server works fine, line trace hits where the camera/hud is placed.
On client line trace is always horizontal line even if the client camera is looking up

Replication can be very tricky. Basically, I’d say you need to execute the LineTrace via a RemoteProcedureCall on the server if you’re running on the client.

I’m far from expert on this subject, tho.
Here some valuable documentation about replication:
U4 Network Compendium by [FONT=sans-serif]Cedric ‘eXi’ Neukirchen : it’s a sacred book.