Line Tracing issues

Hello all,

Im a University student currently working on my dissertation named “Creating a better sound attenuation system within Unreal engine 4”

So far I have created a 360 degree line trace, meaning I have an object in a level emitting 3600 line traces in a spherical pattern. In the blueprint editor I have a “line trace by channel” node with the “out hit” pin going to a “Break Hit Result” node, giving me numerous different options, the two I am looking to use are “Trace Start” and “Impact Point” giving me the co-ordinates for the start of the line trace (where my object is placed) and the walls the trace hits, although when I hover over the “Impact Point” node it shows the co-ordinates {X-0, Y-0, Z-0)

This seems to be an issue as I am then feeding these two into a “Distance (Vector)” function which in turn feeds into the “Distance Attenuation Scale” pin on my “Set Sound Class Distance Scale” node and the current value when I hover over the pin appears as 0.

Could anyone point me in the right direction or possibly tell me if there is any way to take the data provided by the line trace and use the distance for sound attenuation distance?

Many Thanks - Guy x

P.S. I will attach screen captures of my in game 360 degree line trace and my blueprint in the message below